How We Got Started

Our business was an accidental start about six years ago.  We began by selling our own collections from a building that we stored everything in.  A 3,000 square foot rental that was packed from years of accumulation.  During those sales, we would have friends and neighbors come in and ask us if they could bring their things over to sell.  We ended up having monthly auctions to sell the rest of the items.  Our signs, hand painted with eclectic, fun designs said "Auction Today" with an arrow to our building.  That's how our company, Auction Today, was created.

After a couple years, we grew to the point that we either needed to limit the items coming in or move to a larger building that better accommodated us.  We were lucky to find a great 4,000 square foot shop/retail store with areas outside to feature the many farm tools and implements for sale, which is now our new home.

Auction Today Estate Resale is a fun and unique place to shop.  We take great pride in offering quality products that are in good condition.  We always have new items coming in to our store and invite you to check out our website.  We work with families and individuals that are downsizing or have an estate to liquidate without having to host a sale on site.  We handle everything, from start to finish, making our services an easy solution to the sale process and eliminating the hassle of "porch sales" or shipping.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know us! We look forward to working with you soon!